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Can You Really Get a DUI for Riding Your Bike While Intoxicated?

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4 months ago

There are thousands of people in Toronto who care about the environment and see riding their bike as doing their “green duty”. Riding a bike around Toronto is excellent for exercise and in many cases far less frustrating than sitting in traffic on your daily commute. In Ontario, there are numerous bike paths to choose from and you can even rent a bike if you don’t have one. However, when riding a bike you must follow the law. Just because you are riding a bike does not mean that you can use drugs and alcohol then pedal home consequence free. If you are caught driving a bicycle in Toronto under the influence you will be charged with a Toronto DUI. If this is the case you should start researching DUI lawyers Toronto has to offer.

When can you be actually be charged for riding a bike under the influence? Ontario has laws in place to protect cyclists from motorists due to the fact they are both sharing the road. However, there are laws that cyclists must obey as well. One of these laws would be wearing a helmet. Even if you’re following the bicycle safety laws of Ontario, if you are caught driving your bike after drinking you can still be charged with a Toronto DUI. If a police officer stops you who believes that you are riding your bike while impaired by drugs or alcohol you can face harsh penalties such as a fine or in the most severe cases, jail time. The Liquor License Act states you cannot be drunk in a public place. When you are riding your bike outside, you are doing so in a public place and public intoxication is a criminal offence in Ontario.

A police officer may suspect you of drunk driving if you are veering in and out of lanes/bikes lane, biking erratically, not paying attention to your environment, or not following safety standards. In any of the aforementioned situations an officer will have just cause to stop you. At this point, an officer can request you to take a sobriety test such as a breathalyzer or a coordination test. If this happens to you, it is best if you get a DUI lawyers in Toronto as soon as possible.

Not everyone reacts to drugs and alcohol in the same way. There are a lot of contributing factors when it comes to blood alcohol content. Body mass, metabolism, other medications interacting with the alcohol, or what you ate that day all play a factor in your blood alcohol content. This is why having even one beer and driving your bike is taking a risk. It is imperative to remember that even though a bike is not powered the same way a car is, you are still a very capable of causing an accident if you are riding your bike while under the influence of alcohol. There is also a chance you will hurt someone else by biking into them or causing an accident if a car swerves out of the way to avoid hitting you. This type of situation will definitely result in you receiving a Toronto DUI charge.

Many wonder if these rules apply to scooters, mopeds and electric bikes. If you are driving a scooter or E-bike, the same impaired driving rules apply as if you were driving a car. You should never drink and drive any form of transportation. You can be charged for impaired driving if you’re caught riding a scooter, moped or e-bike under the influence. If you do find yourself pulled over you will require an impaired driving lawyer Toronto. Mass Tsang has some of the best impaired driving lawyer Toronto has to offer.

Avoid a harsh penalty for a single mistake. If you are in need of help after being charged with impaired driving, contact drunk driving lawyers in Toronto at Mass Tsang, LLP today for a free consultation.

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