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Driving Under Influence

Driving Under Influence

We can effectively deal even with the most difficult situation. Let our expertise help you win your case!

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Theft &

Theft &

Accused of fraud? Contact us today to discuss your defence options!

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Drug trafficking or possession charges? We can help!

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Assault charges

Assault charges

Do not let assault charges ruin your life. Contact Jeff Mass and his team today to discuss your defence strategy!

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Whether you were accused of careless or stunt driving or failure to remain offence, our team can help you beat your charges!

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Philip Mota is an absolutely incredible lawyer, extremely knowledgeable, hard working, compassionate, and takes the time to listen to you and fight for you as if you were family. Thank you Mr. Mota for everything you have done and for giving me a second chance. 5/5.

Mark S., Toronto

I would like to express my gratitude for your services. The way you presented your arguments and defended against cop’s attacks in court was really impressive. I hope I will never have to be in the same situation again but if do I will know who to call!

Kalinja, Etobicoke

We reached out to Jeff Mass after a negative experience with another law firm and the difference was like night and day. We were impressed by Jeff and his team on how effective he was in getting us results that we did not think were possible. Jeff's approach as very professional and non judgemental which we really appreciated. Highly recommend using Mass Tsang!!!


Jeff - words cannot express how your service saved my life and put me back on track to where I was before. Everyone makes mistakes and mine was no exception. The support was amazing and he was a HUGE help in all the steps of the process. They truly did care. Thanks to Jeff Mass and his team my life is normal. Give Mass Tsang a good honest try, they are capable, understanding and they will help you get through the most difficult time! There is light at the end of the tunnel, call Mass Tsang to get you there!

Ms. T., Toronto

I want to thank you for all your hard work, expertise and genuine care in handling my case. From the first day I walked into your offices until my last day in court I felt like I was being defended by a competent and caring staff. It’s difficult to express how happy I am with Judge’s verdict of “not guilty”, but if I had to say it on one word I’m grateful. You not only saved me from a criminal record and fines and the loss of my license, but you gave me back my normal life again. I thank you for that!

Peter G., Toronto

Very professional and knowledgeable firm. Completely satisfied with an outcome. Would highly recommend Mass Tsang LLP to anybody in need of a counsel. Special thanks to Jeff and May.

Leon, Toronto

A big thank you to you and Heather Spence for my son Paul’s favourable outcome the other day. It is a great relief to know that there are competent people in your corner when the chips are down. Keep up the good work.

P.V., Toronto

I wanted to thank you for getting my cases resolved. It was a really tough situation but you handled it perfectly and got me free. We are very happy that we chose you as our lawyer. Me and my whole family thank you a lot!

Kumar, Toronto

I would like to thank you for assigning my case to James. He was professional, confident and prepared. His knowledge, compassion and organization made me feel confident that I chose the right law firm to represent me. I would recommend Mass and Tsang as well as James to anyone needing legal help. James made this difficult process easy and successful for me, putting my needs first. Thank very much for the A+ service. Thank you


I could not have been more pleased with the way everything was handled, I am so glad that I had May to fight my case for me. Now I can finally put this in the past thank you May!

Brooke, Toronto

I never expected I’d need a criminal defense lawyer, so when the time came that I did, I was overwhelmed by the situation and the number of options out there. I decided on Mass Tsang after meeting with Jeff in person. He was friendly, knowledgeable, fair, honest and compassionate. He and James both made this very difficult process a little easier, and while I don’t plan on needing their services again, I would highly recommend them to anyone who does.


I would like to personally thank you for assisting me through the challenging circumstances I recently faced and for representing me. You and your entire Team/Office ( with special thanks to James and Alexei as well ), were outstanding as far as representing me to the point that you were always concerned for me, following up with me and guiding me through to the end. I felt I was in very good hands, and clearly I was! Thank you for the most recent success, and I am glad you were on my side!


Phill Mota is an excellent lawyer and I would like to thank him for getting my drinking and driving charges withdrawn. I was driving home from a bar, I wasn't terribly over the limit, but it was late and I was tired. I fell asleep behind the wheel, flipped my car, and completely wrote if off. It was not a good situation. I was charged with impaired and over 80 mg. However, after Phill cross-examined most of the witnesses on the first day of trial, he made it apparent that the arresting officer violated my charter rights.He also casted enough doubt that I was impaired. The crown attorney subsequently withdrew my criminal charges before we finished the trial. Thanks again Phil!!


I would like to thank my lawyer Phil Mota for getting me out of a tough spot. I was facing my second DUI charge which meant, at minimum, I would be going to jail if I lost. Not to mention the hefty 3 year minimum license suspension which would make me lose my job. My case was not a winner. However, Phil took over my case and noticed there might have been enough delay in the proceedings which arguably violates my another right to a speedy trial. Phil filed the application to get the case thrown out, and he was able to use this as leverage to work out a deal. In the end, all I got was a careless driving ticket. The criminal charges were withdrawn. No jail, no 3 years suspension, no conviction. Thank you, Phil for caring about my case and doing everything possible for me.


Going through a criminal process is really scary and your lawyer needs to more than just your representative in court. Your lawyer is your rock, your advisor, your confidant, salvation and even therapist at times, so you had better choose wisely! I certainly did. My lawyer, Jeff Mass of Mass-Tang took a terrifying process, broke it down for me into a simple to understand steps, laid out my options clearly and took the fear of the unknown away, replacing it with confidence in him. He held my hand every step and was an incredible negotiator and delegate in court and in dealing with police services. Jeff is sharp, there when you need him to be, efficient, thorough, passionate about what he does and a best-of-breed litigator.

Tommy D.

i just have to say the moment i walked into mass tsang it was nothing but professionalism. I was facing very serious charges that could potentially have giving me jail time if i was convicted. Every step of the way they guided me through the best course of actions and eventually i got my charges withdrawn with a peace bond. i can not thank them enough for what they did for me. I highly recommend using them if you need professional and thorough representation.

Chris P.

Phil Mota is an excellent lawyer and I'd like to thank him for winning my trial. He really cared about my case and took the time to guide me through everything. I would strongly recommend him and his firm. Very professional.

V. Rocha

I can't thank Phil Mota enough for winning my trial. I had a lot on the line and he did an amazing job. I still can't believe we won. Thanks again to Phil and the firm.

M. S.

Phil Mota is the best! I was facing a charge of cocaine possession which I was very concerned about for many reasons. However, Phil got the crown to agree to withdraw my charge. Thank you for giving me a second chance.

Z. E

I can't thank Phil Mota enough for winning my trial. I had a lot on the line and he did an amazing job. I still can't believe we won. Thanks again to Phil and the firm.

M. S.

I'd like to thank Phill Mota for winning my trial! I thought I had a hopeless case but Phill did an excellent job preparing and executing my defence. Phill is an amazing lawyer and I would recommend him and the firm to anyone!

A. O.

Thank you Phillip Mota for everything, you've done for me from the start. You are a smart and honest person and I really appreciate that. We did it!

A. D.

This is a review for my lawyer Phillip Mota. Phil is a great guy, he was very professional, and I could tell that he really cared about my case. I was facing a tough trial but we won it. Thanks a lot.

Dom. C.

I'd like to give a long thank you to my lawyer Phillip Mota. I was facing very serious allegations where the stakes were really high. My experience with the firm was very professional. Phill is a smart and passionate lawyer. He fought hard for me and won my trial. Thanks again for the best possible result.

Al. E.

I really appreciate the way Phillip Mota handled my case. He is an intelligent, honest lawyer who really cares about his job. He really took the time to explain and prepare my case. He did an amazing job in court. The crown withdrew my charges half way into the trial. Thank you for everything!

M. F.

Phil Mota is an excellent lawyer and he really cared about my case. I could tell how passionate he was every step of the way! Thanks to him I came up against a tough case and got acquitted.


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