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Drug Lawyers in Toronto and GTA

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Drug Trafficking involves selling or delivering illegal drugs to another person. This allegation can result in serious penalties depending on the type of drug, quantity trafficked and prior criminal activities. Drug trafficking is one of the few criminal offences that can result in a maximum sentence of life in prison. In addition, recent changes to drug trafficking and possession laws have added harsher minimum penalties to criminal drug activity.

Drug offences are serious crimes and can have life altering repercussions if found guilty. Our firm’s Toronto drug lawyers are experienced in such charges and will use our vast knowledge to help you overcome this stressful experience.

At Mass Tsang LLP Criminal Law Firm Toronto, drug lawyers will work with you at every step of the way to make sure you are informed of all possible defences and arguments to be made in your case. Any one of our Toronto drug lawyers will use meticulous attention to detail in making sure that every angle is covered in creating a comprehensive defence plan.

What are drug charges and how can they affect you?

Our Toronto drug lawyers cover a variety of drug charges including: drug trafficking, possession for the purpose, drug import and export, drug production, and possession.

Drug importing and exporting involves either bringing drugs into the country from somewhere outside of Canada or sending drugs from Canada to another country. This offence results in serious penalties which include 10 years to life in prison and significant fines. The type of drug and quantity being transported determine the severity of the penalty.

Drug production includes creating or growing illegal drugs. The penalties for this offence involve jail time, with maximum jail times of life imprisonment.

How our Toronto drug lawyer can help you!

Our Toronto drug lawyer has significant experience dealing with drug offences. We have a variety of ways to defend against drug allegations that include challenging illegal searches and seizure, and questioning evidence of knowledge and control of the drugs. If you are looking for a skilled and prepared Toronto drug lawyer, we are able to assist you. Our Toronto drug lawyers have argued many successful cases regarding drug allegations and we will represent you with integrity and superior knowledge of the law.

Our cases have been featured in the Toronto Star and other publications.