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The penalty for these crimes differs depending on the injuries inflicted. The greater the harm inflicted, the greater the penalty, if convicted. A criminal record can result, as well as probation, fines and even jail time if an accused person does not successfully defend against these allegations.

Assault charges are serious and can have significant consequences on your freedom or liberty. Our assault lawyer in Toronto will help handle your situation and guide you through the difficult experience of being charged with his Criminal Code offence, including charges as domestic assault and sexual assault. Whether you have a different version of events, were acting in self-defence or deny the allegations, we will use our experience to help you face any accusations. As an assault lawyer in Toronto, we will utilize the best defence techniques to give you the justice that you deserve.

What are the different types of assault and how can they affect me?


Assault is the act of applying force to someone without their consent. This includes force that does not harm the person. There are a few different levels of assault that vary in severity:


use of force or physical contact with another person without their consent.

Assault with a weapon

an application of force with an object. This can mean a traditional weapon, like a bat or a knife. However, any object used during an assault will be considered a weapon.

Assault causing bodily harm

force that causes injury that interferes with the subject’s health or comfort.

Aggravated assault

the attack aims to wound, disfigure or endanger someone’s life.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is an assault of a sexual nature. This is a serious crime and just the subject of an accusation can ruin your reputation. Our sexual assault lawyer in Toronto will help defend against false claims and will bring a thorough knowledge of the law pertaining to sexual assault to create expert defence strategies.

Penalties for sexual assault vary according to severity of the act and personal circumstances of the offender. In most cases, the accused person is sentenced to jail time if convicted and DNA orders. The person will then be entered into the sex offender database accompanied by strict supervision and long-term monitoring conditions.

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault is an assault that takes place between two people who are currently or were formerly dating, married or common law. As a domestic assault law firm in Toronto, we will help you get through the hardships of domestic disturbance. Our thorough defence plans focus on understanding your situation and allow you to share your version of events.

If you are charged with a domestic assault in Toronto, you will likely be held for bail. Our firm’s domestic assault lawyers are available to conduct a bail hearing on short notice. Having representation at bail hearings often reduces strict release conditions associated with domestic assault charges.

Our domestic assault lawyer in Toronto will try to eliminate or reduce the potential penalties affiliated with the alleged assault which could include jail time and probation if convicted.

If you are faced with charges related to assault, contact us immediately for effective representation by one of the leading assault lawyer in Toronto. With over 30 years of total experience we have perfected defence strategies that will help you navigate through a confusing and complex court system.


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