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Understanding the Factors That Affect your Blood Alcohol Content

Blood alcohol content (more frequently referred to as “BAC”) is the amount of alcohol present in an individual’s blood, based on the amount of alcohol that was consumed over a given period of time. BAC is recognized as the standard process for determining legal limits for drunk driving.

Many people are unaware that there are many contributing factors when it comes to BAC and that there are numerous variables that affect a person’s BAC. These factors can have absolutely nothing to do with the amount of alcohol in his or her body. It is important to understand such variables in order to avoid receiving drunk driving charges Kitchener or in any city within Canada. If you are facing DUI charges it is imperative to seek a criminal defence lawyer Toronto has many. Variables that play a role in your BAC are as follows.

What You Ate That Day

The food you consume throughout your day can affect your BAC. Someone’s BAC may be increasingly higher if they drank alcohol on an empty stomach rather than someone who had eaten a meal before consuming alcohol. Even though food in the stomach will not absorb the alcohol you drink, it will slow down the rate that your body absorbs the alcohol that you are drinking. It is important to note that all of the alcohol you drink will eventually enter your blood, just at a slower rate.

Genetic Factors

Some people genetically are actually born with a low tolerance for alcohol. For example, females usually have a lower tolerance for alcohol than men do. Greater body mass, in both height and weight, means that there is more water and blood within one’s body to dilute the alcohol that is being processed. Bodies with more muscle mass will be able to process alcohol faster than those with primarily fat in their bodies. Diabetics should also be very cautious when drinking alcohol, especially on an empty stomach.


A large majority of medications will negatively react when you incorporate alcohol, including, cold medicine, allergy pills and prescription drugs. Medications often times intensify the effects of alcohol and can seriously endanger a person’s health. Alcohol is a depressant and if you are using a depressant drug, the effects of alcohol may be multiplied by up to 10 times. Even with your BAC being the same, the effects will be a lot stronger and driving could be a deadly mistake to make. It is important not to rely solely on counting your drinks or using online BAC calculators to determine if it is safe to get into a car and drive. However, if you do find yourself in a situation where you have drank and drove in Kitchener Ontario it is very important to find and contact a DUI lawyer Kitchener has to offer.

Consumption Rate

The rate at which you consume alcohol will also significantly influence your BAC. The faster in which you consume the alcohol, the faster your BAC will rise. When drinking, people have to be cognizant of not just the amount of drinks they have consumed but also the amount of time that has gone by since consuming your last drink.

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