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Alexei Zaitsev

Criminal Defence Lawyer
Senior Associate

If you are reading this page, it means you or a loved one have found themselves facing a criminal or regulatory charge. You are likely feeling helpless or overwhelmed. You should not have to navigate this process on your own!

Meet Alexei Zaitsev. Alexei has been with Mass Tsang LLP since 2017. With a passion for defending the rights of individuals, Alexei has proudly represented hundreds of satisfied clients. A true advocate, Alexei feels at home in the courtroom, amidst legal challenges. Fearlessly, he will fight for you. He will relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome for your case, always mindful of your best interests.

At the heart of Alexei's practice lies an unwavering commitment to his clients. He leaves no stone unturned in crafting a robust and comprehensive defence strategy, ensuring that every aspect of your case is thoroughly examined and explored.

While Alexei's expertise is in impaired driving, his skillset extends beyond that. He has a proven track record defending a wide range of charges, including drug charges, weapon charges, sexual offences, assaults, and property offences. Alexei is also equally successful defending dogs facing destruction, and their owners who are facing charges under the Dog Owners' Liability Act, exemplifying his compassion and dedication to both human and animal rights.

By choosing Alexei Zaitsev as your legal representative, you are enlisting a seasoned lawyer who will champion your cause with unparalleled commitment and professionalism. Rest assured that with Alexei by your side, you have a powerful ally who will vigorously defend your rights and navigate the legal complexities on your behalf. Alexei is fluent in Russian and Hebrew.

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