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What to Expect When You Hire Our Services

Although some people think that DUI charges will be easy to handle, the case that the police form against you can result in the revocation of your driving license, hefty fines, and possibly even jail time. When charged with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol in Barrie, it is important to hire a reputable drunk driving lawyer. This legal expert has a deep knowledge and understanding of impaired driving laws and can help you to get a more favorable outcome for your charges. When you hire Mass Tsang to fight your case, there is a lot you can expect:

At Mass Tsang LLP, we have a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals and superior staff whom are highly experienced, results driven, and are committed to delivering the work in a professional and ethical manner.

Qualified and experienced attorneys

Our law firm has some of the most qualified and experienced legal experts in Barrie. Impaired driving laws are complex by nature, so in order to favourably resolve your case we ensure that all of our attorneys are specialized in that very area, and will work towards weakening the prosecution’s case against you.

Personal attention to your case

As a client, we will ensure that you feel valued and appreciated when you choose Mass Tsang to fight your DUI charges. Our legal experts always dedicate personal time and effort to each and every impaired driving case. Over the years, this has helped us to achieve outstanding results for our clients’ cases.

Affordable fees

You don’t have to worry that fighting your charges will break the bank when you work with Mass Tsang. In addition to providing free consultations, we will also inform you of our affordable flat rate fees upfront, before we represent you in court. We do not have any hidden fees, and offer flexible payment plans for our clients.


Every single DUI lawyer at Mass Tsang has confidence in their abilities to represent you in court successfully, and the track record to back it up. Our attorneys will carefully examine your case before coming up with a plan of attack. With the confidence of our lawyers, you, too, can be confident that your case will be in the best of hands.

If you are facing drunk driving charges, the lawyer assigned to you case will have extensive knowledge of the alcohol and traffic laws and regulations in Barrie. Call Mass Tsang at 705-302-0128 to speak with a legal expert that will not only represent you, but also negotiate a positive outcome on your behalf.