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Mass Tsang LLP is a criminal defence law firm that focuses on defence of criminal, quasi criminal, and traffic ticket offences.

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When charged with criminal offenses in Oshawa, you face a long journey during which you will deal with prosecutors, judges, and the court system regularly. The best way to avoid false charges and unfair sentences is to hire criminal lawyers Oshawa who will fight for your rights and your freedom.

At Mass Tsang LLP, we have a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals and superior staff whom are highly experienced, results driven, and are committed to delivering the work in a professional and ethical manner.


Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a serious offense in Canada. If you registered more than 80 mgs on a breath test or even refused to provide a sample, you may face criminal charges. A DUI lawyer Oshawa can fight for you by questioning the validity of the breath test results, the functionality of the equipment, or even the competency of the officer who arrested you. Any one of these things could be the key to winning your case and protecting your rights to drive. Mass Tsang DUI lawyers Oshawa understand the traffic laws as they apply to driving under the influence, and they will fight to get you the results you want.


Although traffic charges are usually relatively mild in nature, some may jeopardize your ability to drive – and some may lead to jail time depending on their severity. Rather than face a judge, take demerits against your license, or even pay hefty tickets for offenses that you did not commit, contact a criminal lawyer Oshawa to help you understand the laws and your rights. It is possible to get your ticket thrown out completely or reduced so that you take fewer demerits and pay fewer fines.


The possession, sale, or trafficking of drugs is a crime in Canada, so if you were found guilty of any of these things, it is crucial to hire a criminal lawyer who can defend you properly. Facing the prosecution and judges alone in such a time is terrifying and intimidating, particularly when you do not understand the small nuances of the law. Mass Tsang explains the law in detail and then puts together an outstanding defense to help you win your case.


There are many different types of assault, and each one often results in a trip to jail as well as a marred reputation. Fortunately, criminal lawyers Oshawa know exactly what it takes to help you fight these charges, whether they are domestic or sexual in nature. By taking the time to understand your side of the story fully, it is possible for them to build a flawless defense that can help you win your case. Assault charges do not have to be the end of your reputation when you hire the right lawyer.

Mass Tsang criminal lawyers understand every aspect of the law, whether you face minor or very serious criminal charges. Instead of going it alone and ending up with a severe sentence, hire a lawyer to help you plan your defense. You could end up with reduced charges, suspended sentences, or a completely dropped case, instead.