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There are certain qualities you should look for when hiring a reliable law firm to fight impaired driving charges in Milton. Apart from knowledge of the law, DUI charges demand a lawyer who has experience not only in impaired driving cases, but also local bylaws and statues. Drunk or impaired driving charges can have far-reaching consequences, a factor that makes it necessary to hire drunk driving lawyers who understand what you’re up against. At Mass Tsang, our lawyers know how to handle your DUI case in a manner that will protect both you and your family. Here’s why you should choose us to fight your case:

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Fast and effective defence against drinking and driving charges

High success rate, even with tough cases

Over 1,000 DUI case won!

Flexible financing to help you pay for your case

Late weekday and weekday appoints available

Our team speaks your language — Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Arabic, Farsi, Korean and many others

1,000+ of impaired driving cases handled

At Mass Tsang LLP, we have a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals and superior staff whom are highly experienced, results driven, and are committed to delivering the work in a professional and ethical manner.

Great communication skills

The great communication skills that our lawyers possess will make it easy for you to discuss your legal problems with them. Once you are arrested and are facing DUI charges, our legal expert will seek to understand your needs. Regardless of the language you understand, great communication skills will contribute towards the success of your case.


All our lawyers have the highest level of integrity. Our experts will be honest with you and keep you informed throughout the process. You will be advised of the options available to you as well as the likely outcomes of your DUI case. At Mass Tsang we value transparency, and you will never have to wonder what exactly is going on with your case.


When you face DUI charges, you will need to explain the circumstances of your case to our lawyers. The information shared between you and the DUI attorney before, during and after trial will always be confidential. Our policy ensures that you will not have to worry about personal or private information reaching other ears.


All of our staff members will care for you and your loved ones by taking into account the impact that your DUI charges are having on your life. No effort will be spared to ensure that your life and that of your loved ones can go on in a normal way after the trial.

We understand the DUI laws in Milton and can help you to navigate the legal web when you face impaired driving charges. Our mission at Mass Tsang is to provide expert legal services at affordable fees – contact us today for a free consultation: 289-270-0002, to see how we can help with your case.

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To receive expert advice and defence for your impaired driving arrest, book a free consultation with Mass Tsang LLP at 416-781-1148. With more then 20 years of experience, our team of DUI lawyers provides service to clients in Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan and all of Greater Toronto.

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