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Client’s Testimonials

Phil Mota is the best! I was facing a charge of cocaine possession which I was very concerned about for many reasons. However, Phil got the crown to agree to withdraw my charge. Thank you for giving me a second chance.

Z. E

I can't thank Phil Mota enough for winning my trial. I had a lot on the line and he did an amazing job. I still can't believe we won. Thanks again to Phil and the firm.

M. S.

I'd like to thank Phill Mota for winning my trial! I thought I had a hopeless case but Phill did an excellent job preparing and executing my defence. Phill is an amazing lawyer and I would recommend him and the firm to anyone!

A. O.

Thank you Phillip Mota for everything, you've done for me from the start. You are a smart and honest person and I really appreciate that. We did it!

A. D.

This is a review for my lawyer Phillip Mota. Phil is a great guy, he was very professional, and I could tell that he really cared about my case. I was facing a tough trial but we won it. Thanks a lot.

Dom. C.

I'd like to give a long thank you to my lawyer Phillip Mota. I was facing very serious allegations where the stakes were really high. My experience with the firm was very professional. Phill is a smart and passionate lawyer. He fought hard for me and won my trial. Thanks again for the best possible result.

Al. E.
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